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Paypal - Have I done something wrong?

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lunavix Mon 23-Jul-07 14:05:11

I've got a paypal account in my maiden name, and I've used it for years. I can't be bothered really with going through the faff to get it in my maiden name (faxes, certificates etc) so I opened a new one, in my married name, and connected it to my bank account.

I paid my new account with the balance of my old one, so I can withdraw it into my bank account (obviously bank account is in married name, so I havne't been able to withdraw cash from my old account before.)

I've been phoned from paypal asking me every little detail of this transaction, from what the payment was for, to how the items were being dispatched. In panic, I fibbed (no idea why as if they looked both accounts are same address etc!) but then the person was disconnected and they havne't phoned back.

Also when the transaction went through, the new account has to 'claim' it. I'm not sure why, I've looked this up and it says you only accept/reject payments if it's from an unverified address, the account isn't open etc etc I'm worried they're going to charge me for something.

Have I done something wrong? I haven't forged anything, I simply have opened up a new account to use instead of the old one...

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