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To take w***y driver to court or not??

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swedishmum Mon 23-Jul-07 00:32:59

On Friday we were pootling along a back road approaching a junction with dd3 in the back when a young bloke drove screechingly round the corner into our car. Everyone was unhurt. Anecdotally (it's a small village) I know this idiot has been terrorising local areas, and was told that even his dad said in his local pub that night that his son was a prat and he was lucky no-one was hurt. Our photos of his skid marks round the corner will prove he was driving appallingly and was out of control.
DH wonders if we should take out a civil action or whatever to teach him a lesson. I agree in one way - dd2 recently did cycling proficiency. If she'd followed rules for road position she'd now be dead. This twonk and a few of his friends are driving in such a bad way locally. Any advice?? Many thanks for getting this far...

harrypotterdies Mon 23-Jul-07 00:34:28

personally i would put his windscreen through.

Desiderata Mon 23-Jul-07 00:34:57

Yes, do it.

Someone's child will get killed. The prat need a shock, so give him one.

<speeding drivers make me insanely mad .. can't you tell?>

Freckle Mon 23-Jul-07 03:50:34

What civil action are you thinking of taking? Presumably you will be claiming through your insurance for any damage, so what will you be claiming?

Glad you are all OK.

SittingBull Mon 23-Jul-07 04:04:37

Message withdrawn

swedishmum Wed 25-Jul-07 22:52:25

I'm calmer now. I think I'm mainly aggrieved that the police didn't seem to do anything even though the boy was obviously driving terribly. DH pointed out apparently that he'd have killed a cyclist. Seems he's already admitted fault as we have a car on his insurance. Still mad with the poor level of driving round here.

jura Wed 25-Jul-07 22:58:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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