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COmplicated business of trustees and domestic violence

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madamez Thu 19-Jul-07 00:51:16

OK so I'll try to keep it simple. My friend (who I shall call M) is a trustee for a woman who has had a severe head injury (we'll call her C). C has recently been beaten up by her (nowX) boyfriend for the third time and, while she didn't want to press charges, M has called the police regarding the incident and they are investigating it.
M thinks that as her trustee he would be in some way legally liable for not reporting the attack on her to the police. I think, frankly, that he's willy-waving as he may be her trustee but he's not her father and, while she may be head-injured, she's not a child and does have a right to have her views taken into account here.

Does anyone know anything much about the legal positions of trustees and head-injured people that might be of relevance here?

Tortington Thu 19-Jul-07 00:52:09

i thought trustees looked after money?

madamez Thu 19-Jul-07 14:34:05

Well, that's what I thought. The money in question is the compensation C received after her accident, and trustees are involved because (I think) she is regarded as needing someone else to oversee the money.
I suppose what I really want to know is the legal status of someone with a head injury - are they regarded as fully competent or more like a teenager?

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