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Confused by balance transfers....HELP

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mrcandmre Wed 18-Jul-07 12:31:33

After buying a new house, DP and me need every penny we can get.
One idea put to us was to transfer our credit card, so that we'll have lower interest on our balance.

To be honest though, I'm really confused as to who to use, and what fees we'd incure.

I'm basically after someone just to explain things to be in laymans terms lol.
I've been onto so many websites this morning, but it all baffles me

ruddynorah Wed 18-Jul-07 12:36:19

natwest is interest free for a year, but charge around 2% transfer fee. m&s &more card is 4.5 (ish) % for the life of the balance, and no fee.

Speccy Wed 18-Jul-07 12:38:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

phatcat Wed 18-Jul-07 12:44:54

and whatever you do, don't spend anything on the credit card after you have transferred the balance - repayments will get put against the lower interest rate transfer until it's cleared and the interest on the higher rate purchases will just build up - hth

mrcandmre Wed 18-Jul-07 14:40:41

thanks, i heard about the m&s card on tv this morning.
I wish things weren't so difficult!

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