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Best place to sell used baby stuff?

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Lentils Tue 17-Jul-07 20:49:41

Anyone have thoughts about the best place to sell used baby stuff? Mumsnet? Gumtree? Ebay? Thanks!

munchkin2mg Wed 18-Jul-07 08:25:56

Hi i used to think carboots wer realy gud to sell baby goodies but the people there only want to spend pence. Now i use ebay to sell any unwanted used items,u cud also try mumsnet!

mustrunmore Wed 18-Jul-07 08:28:17

I think it depends a bit what it is. Some stuff you just wont shift as everyone's trying, like galt playnests! I'd say, do an nct if you've got loads, as you get better prices and a captive audience, who come intending to buy loads. And they're mainly gullible first time parents who think they need all kkids of stuff that they could really get away with not buying

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