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Tax Credits nightmare, please help

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hadabadday Wed 04-Jul-07 19:08:17

I became a single parent 3 years ago, before this we were on a joint claim with the tax credits obviously claiming as a couple.

So when he moved out I put my claim in as a single parent and waited...and waited....and waited...after going for 3 months with NO money from them at all and having to live on £30 a week I went into the tax credits office and they gave me emergency payments...eventually after a month of this I was told that they were having "computer problems" and I would be paid manually. So pleased that I was actually recieving money I didn't contact them for a while...however 6 months went by and I phoned and asked if they'd sorted my claim out yet, I got told no but they were working on it . Anyway its been 3 YEARS and I am still recieving manual payments, probably less than I am entitled to (as obviously my payments have remained the same for the past 3 years despite everyone elses rising) and they still have not paid me the money they owe me from the 3 months when I went with no money at all.

The help line are useless, I have written a letter of complaint and it was ignored. I was then told by someone on the help line that my request for the backpayment had been declined, I am not entitled to it .

Please, what can I do? there must be something I can do??

Peachy Wed 04-Jul-07 19:15:40

Well wehad the same computer blip and it was sorted, apaprently they all have been, or so I was told.

Have you got the formal complaints form? They HAVE to respond to that, you can collect one from your local office. Also contact your MP as he/she may well be able to help with this. And your CAB shoudl know too.

Good luck- never believe one person on the helpline, have been told all sorts by them over the years.

oh and yes, we got our back payment after the omputer mess up caused us to lose out- and we got paid a small compensation amount, but it had to be applied for on an official complaints form (thinkyou can get the leaflet off their website you know?)

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