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tax credits - anyone have experience of adjudication?

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Kif Mon 02-Jul-07 18:39:07

Apparently two years ago I failed to return a declaration. I'm normally careful with forms - but at this time we were moving house and dealing with a bereavement, so possible...

Do the TCO tell me there is a problem during the many contacts I've had since?

They did send me an 04/05 form without warning six months ago - which I returned - but no other mention in the awards notices or on the phone, even when I've queried "so I'm all up to date?".

Did they send me four letters on the same day telling me "we contacted you earlier, now repay the last two years of tax credits?

was their 'appeal' process a joke - case opened and closed same day, with a form letter sent back giving no indication that the information that I had provided had been considered?

Did their letter state "you have no right to further appeal" when further digging revealed I had recourse to an adjudicator?

Do they all endlessly pass the buck "oh, I'm sorry, it's not my department that deals with this - although I can see your point"?

Are they causing everyone a pile of aggravation because no-one seems to be able to actually apply some common sense?

Gaaah! This department is meant to be on parents' side???

Anyone been in this situation? Dh suggests I go and talk to the MP to try to cut through the cr*p. I'm trying to figure out the adjuducator and the freedom of information act.

bubblerock Mon 02-Jul-07 18:41:51

I had hassle with them a few years ago (they stopped payments and it was a big cock up) and ended up going to the adjudicator - they got it sorted straight away! Hope they do the same for you.

Kif Mon 02-Jul-07 19:07:12

do I need legal help at this stage? CAB or proper lawyer? Or can I do it alone?

Kif Mon 02-Jul-07 19:07:13

do I need legal help at this stage? CAB or proper lawyer? Or can I do it alone?

BetsyBoop Mon 02-Jul-07 20:39:35

If you can't get things sorted quickly contacting your MP is a good idea - any cases they raise get preferrential treatment (or at least they used to when I worked for DSS as was, I'm assuming HRMC are the same)

BetsyBoop Mon 02-Jul-07 20:43:21

this might also help

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