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Taking money out of long-term shares - which one do you choose?

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Mud Tue 26-Jun-07 08:53:28

the one that has worst performance over the last year? or the one that has worst performance over 3 years?

Mud Tue 26-Jun-07 11:56:41

nhobody knows? nobody einterested

NoodleStroodle Tue 26-Jun-07 12:00:27

For shares those are still quite short time spans. What are they in?

Mud Tue 26-Jun-07 12:07:36

theyr'e long term shares some are peps and some are isas can work out over the last 8 or 10 years but it gets screwed with previous withdrawals just need a rule of thumb to go buy

squiffy Tue 26-Jun-07 12:10:55

Sorry there is no rule of thumb. If they've been shite for three years then bigger chance that the company might be bought out by someone which could turn it (and share price) around, but also bigger chance that company will go bust.

If you tell me what sectors they're in I'll give you a guess but you have to take it as just a guess (if it were anything other than a guess I ceertainly wouldn't be sitting here working for somebidy else)....

Mud Tue 26-Jun-07 12:12:16

ok thanks will stick a pin in the spreadsheet instead

Mud Tue 26-Jun-07 12:18:07

none are shite byt way its just wondering cos its like this

investment a has 19% growth over 1 year and 72% over 3 eyars
investment b has 13% growth over 1 year and 90% over 3 years
investment c has 16.5% grwoth over 1 year and 93% over 3 years

so wondering which one to get money out of

squiffy Tue 26-Jun-07 13:35:21

There's not much between them then so if they are all in same industry area then I would sell (a) as it is a relative underperformer and has slowed down - this is least risky strategy. If they are in different industries that would definately affect my decision.

hecciesmum Thu 28-Jun-07 09:49:52

why don't you just withdraw 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 from each if you are undecided. I agree that the performance of the 3 is not that divergent - they all look to have been reasonably decent performers.

If you can tell me something about what the underlying invesments are in I might be able to help you a bit more....i,e, what sectors, companies etc

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