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My mums just has a leeter through the door about an accident she has 3 years ago..

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charliecat Sat 23-Jun-07 09:37:59

What does she have to do?
Theres 40 pages of the injuries this woman now suffers from the shunt up the bum that didnt leave a mark on her car.
It says she is a frequent visitor to the doctors and she didnt mention to the doctor her neck at any of her appointments. She said it seized up 3 days after the accident.

Anyway, does my mum just sit and wait for the court papers or???
Shes swopped insurance now.

FioFio Sat 23-Jun-07 09:43:31

Message withdrawn

saltire Sat 23-Jun-07 09:43:38

No advice sorry, but I hope it sorts itself out.

Just as an asdide, I know a woman who got hit from behind in her car when pregnant with her daughter, daughter now has Spina Bifida,which the mother says was caused by the accident, and the mother told me that when the daughter is 18 she is going to sue the woman who hit her car. So some poor woman is going to get a letter similar to your mum's 18 years after an accident.

lulumama Sat 23-Jun-07 09:44:56

you cannot sue 18 years later ..i thought these things were statute barred. and spina bifida is a neural tube issue, not caused by an accident in the car...goodness me......

charliecat...was anything done at the time re insurance and claiming?

charliecat Sat 23-Jun-07 09:47:10

no claims on ins, not logged with police

lulumama Sat 23-Jun-07 09:48:14

and 3 years later she pops up?? sounds dodgy...surely injuries would have been apparent before now

i would tell your mum to get legal advice ASAP , do not admit or do anything before speaking to someone

jampot Sat 23-Jun-07 09:48:26

is it just a letter ? exactly when did the accident happen? the woman has only 3 years from the accident to issue proceedings and if its very close to that date I would be surprised if a solicitor would take it on as the protocol sets out timeframes to investigate the accident and liability.

I bet she wwnt to a claims company who just signed her up to some weird insurance thing

jampot Sat 23-Jun-07 09:49:59

a minor has until the day before they reach 21 to issue proceedings for personal injury

charliecat Sat 23-Jun-07 09:50:00

june 3 years ago i think........will confirm in a min

chipkid Sat 23-Jun-07 09:53:09

if it is over three years she is statute barred (so long as she was over 18 at the time of the accident)

She would have to apply to disapply the limitation period.

Usually your mother would have heard from this woman's insurance company or solicitor! this is all very odd.

charliecat Sat 23-Jun-07 09:55:43

its 3 years november

charliecat Sat 23-Jun-07 09:57:22

what happens now shes changed insurance

Freckle Sat 23-Jun-07 09:58:10

3 year this coming November? That's why the woman has popped up now. She's obviously been informed that after 3 years she will be unable to issue proceedings to claim for a personal injury, so she's getting in shortly before the deadline.

Get your mum to pass the letter on to her insurers at the time.

jampot Sat 23-Jun-07 09:59:03

so who is this letter from? if its a letter of claim then your mum must pass it on to her insurers straight away. they have 3 months to investigate teh claim and respond to the writer with their findings. what does your mum say abnout the accident?

FioFio Sat 23-Jun-07 10:00:33

Message withdrawn

charliecat Sat 23-Jun-07 10:01:51

the letters from solicitors, mum put her foot on clutch on a hill and then didnt use brake

charliecat Sat 23-Jun-07 10:06:40

what does this mean?
and why are they going back to 1991 in her medical history?

mrs XXXX gave no history of back injury prior to her index accident and as a result of that accident she sustained muscular pain behind her left shoulder at the time of this accident, at the time of this accident Mrs XXX had no toruble with her neck or back
isthis her index accident?

charliecat Sat 23-Jun-07 10:08:21

On july the 19th she had another accident,
she was stationery, he was driving at 30mph.

jampot Sat 23-Jun-07 10:12:38

your mum did or mrs xxxx?

charliecat Sat 23-Jun-07 10:13:09

mrs xxxxx

jampot Sat 23-Jun-07 10:13:43

is she still suffering ?

charliecat Sat 23-Jun-07 10:14:50

yes cant even talk to friends on phone she cat pick up phone

charliecat Sat 23-Jun-07 10:14:58


jampot Sat 23-Jun-07 10:15:40

which year?

i suspect she has tried to claim for that accident but her medical records have flagged up a pre existing injury (nov 04) and she cant pin it to that accident so is now after compensation for your mums accident

jampot Sat 23-Jun-07 10:16:17

oh right so she lost her right arm in the acciddent too

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