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MrsWho Fri 22-Jun-07 21:36:28

I have been doing some odd bits of support work and been paid direct payments money via the childs parents , I assumed they were paying Natinsurance/tax (most of the others I know do ) but today I got a P46 to fill in , any suggestions?

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 22-Jun-07 21:39:10

Not sure what your question is - sorry - can you clarify a bit

somersetmum Fri 22-Jun-07 21:39:29

Who gave you the form? The parent?
A P46 is a form an employer operating PAYE gives to an employee who does not provide them with a P45. This means that they will be deducting tax and ni from your wages.

MrsWho Fri 22-Jun-07 21:49:43

Parent gave me it, so it means they pay it then? Thats great cos it wasn't that much money and not worth it if I had to do Tax returns!

Sorry VVVQ -I was up at 3am and haven't mademuch sense to day

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 22-Jun-07 21:51:34

If they've given you a p46 then I'd say yes - they are paying you and putting you on PAYE scheme.

I would of course, ask them to clarify.

somersetmum Fri 22-Jun-07 22:26:00

It means you are on PAYE which means:
YOU pay employee NI
THEY pay employer NI
YOU pay income tax
and it is all deducted at source, i.e. directly from your pay

MrsWho Fri 22-Jun-07 22:26:24

Thanks thats great , just got the letter via kids home-school book , and haven't spoken direc tto mum

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