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I'm carping on again but really need some advice can he force me to sell to one of those companies/ or to give him money immediately?

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Upsadaisy Wed 20-Jun-07 21:44:01

I'm carping on again regards split with h. Still under same roof. I've seen a solicitor to start divorce proceedings and house is already on market 10,000 less than its worth but things are really slow around here for selling.

He's just said tonight that he's seeing a solicitor to force me to sell the house within a short period i.e to one of those companies that buys off you and offers to rent back but gives you a low price or to force me to give him money.
The only asset I have is the car but its bought on loan I think he's wanting me to sell that and give him money from it. I've only just bought out his share in the damn thing.

Can he actually make us homeless? I'll speak to solicitor in morning i'm fairly certain he can't but i'll not sleep tonight worrying about it

Upsadaisy Wed 20-Jun-07 21:50:54

anyone know?

mytwopenceworth Wed 20-Jun-07 21:52:19

if you've got his kids he can be made to allow you to remain in the home until they are 16 (or longer if in full time ed) then sell it and split money.

bookthief Wed 20-Jun-07 21:54:02

I don't know your circumstances, but my gut feeling is that your h is trying to bully you into making a bad decision quickly before getting advice.

Hang fire from saying/writing/doing anything until you get legal advice.

controlfreaky2 Wed 20-Jun-07 21:55:59

no he can't. is house in your joint names? your solicitor should put a caution on the property at the land registry to ensure it cant be sold without your knowledge. he is being an arse and winding you up. you need to get on with the divorce proceedings and make an application for ancillary relief..... to sort out finances on divorce..... if you cant reach an agreement with dh (through solicitors) the court will decide what should happen..... but this will take some time. stay calm. good luck.

Upsadaisy Wed 20-Jun-07 22:04:07

we have two ds together and the house is in joint names. I thought that about being able to stay in house but was caught off guard when he said. He is a bully he wore me down about the car and found out that even thought I've given him money for the car he is still entitled to a share. I'll definately move on with divorce proceedings
I'm so shocked and hurt that he's doing what he's doing. It confirms to me that he never really loved me

Upsadaisy Wed 20-Jun-07 22:06:42

I just don't understand why I'm still surprised when he does these things and I don't understand how he could
i feel stupid for staying with him as long as i did

mytwopenceworth Wed 20-Jun-07 22:09:36

I don't have any words of wisdom, I have never faced what you are facing, but I wanted you to know you are being heard and to show you some support.

Upsadaisy Wed 20-Jun-07 22:12:40

thank you

bookthief Wed 20-Jun-07 22:54:53

Just make sure you assume from now on that anything he tells you re: his entitlements is a lie unless your solicitor confirms it.

I'm sorry he's making this so difficult for you.

flibbertyjibbet Wed 20-Jun-07 23:10:29

Could you tell him that if you sell to one of those rip off house buyers at below market value, you will adjust his share to take account of the lower selling price, or he can wait till it sells at the market price. Get your legal advice in the morning. Also,ask about the car too, if you bought it on a loan then what share can you have bought him out for? So any money you paid him out for that might come off his share of house.
Please don't let him bully you, its a long time since I split up with xp but he was a horrible bully so I know how hard it is. I got a caution at the land registry and it worked as he tried to sell the house without telling me after I moved out.
Get some good advice tomorrow then tell him to get stuffed.

madamez Wed 20-Jun-07 23:16:36

He's a knob. He can't force you to do any such thing, and if he becomes physically violent (or even threatens to) you can call the police and get him temporarily removed from the house. You hang in there and get a good laywer.

Upsadaisy Wed 20-Jun-07 23:33:18

I tell you I feel so much better. I apreciate your replys.
he was my best friend and it feels so alien to be hiding things now but I know I have to and I certainly will assume he's full of shit until i've spoke to his solicitor.

Upsadaisy Wed 20-Jun-07 23:33:46

I mean my solicitor even

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