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I am going to start the process of reclaiming my bank charges - does anyone want to join me??

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littlemissbossy Sat 16-Jun-07 18:36:16

I keep saying I'm going to do this but never seem to find the time - so - I've just printed the info off moneysavingexpert and I'm going to draft the first letter.
Anyone else need a kick up the arse to do this???
Wish me luck

BrothelSprouts Sun 17-Jun-07 02:04:18

Yes, I do!
Will get on to it this week.
Thanks for the reminder.
Good luck!

chocolatekimmy Sun 17-Jun-07 16:09:38

Good luck. Since March -

4 letters and 3 phonecalls to Natwest - no response still

4 letters to Goldfish, due to take to court now

5 letters to Lloyds TSB, just put the court claim in yesterday

Very long winded and boring, basically they just ignore you for as long as possible in the hope I guess that you will go away. There are meant to be set timescales for them to provide information and respond but they don't care and thers sod all you can do about that aspect! Do not give up though.

foxcub Sun 17-Jun-07 22:18:45

littlemiss - I wrote to the Abbey months ago and they've sent me all my bank statements for the past six years so I can check the bank charges.

have I done it?


I really need a kick on this one too

Aimsmum Sun 17-Jun-07 22:21:22

Message withdrawn

chacha3 Sun 17-Jun-07 22:23:08

i havent kept any of my bank statements does this mean i cant claim

poptot Sun 17-Jun-07 22:23:21

I'll give you all a kick started in January but I've just had £4000 back from Abbey!

twolittleducks Sun 17-Jun-07 22:24:18

I did with HSBC and Rbs, got £450 back from both so well worth it ... They are a bit slow to respond, i think because they have been inundated but keep sending letters!!!

chacha3 Sun 17-Jun-07 22:30:38

how much do you have to pay for them to send your bank statements to you

chocolatekimmy Sun 17-Jun-07 22:37:35

£10 have loads of info and sample letters/interest calculator etc

pucca Sun 17-Jun-07 22:45:57

Good luck, i recently got £1890 back from Natwest, only took 1 letter and 1 phone call - easy peasy!

jofeb04 Mon 18-Jun-07 08:16:58

God luck, I should be finding out sometime this week if we are entitled to charges from Barclays. 22nd is the latest they can get baack to me (the date that they said!), so wish me look

foxcub Mon 18-Jun-07 21:31:49

Poptot - how recent was that? I heard on the news a couple of weeks ago that Abbey were now refusing to reimburse people

foxcub Mon 18-Jun-07 21:32:53

chacha 3 I think it was a tenner to get the bank statements

Tortington Fri 22-Jun-07 23:35:17

shitload of wonga mula in my bank account today. woohoo! bonus. will pay for Dh's teeth and much needed glasses.

just thought i would report a success. twas the co-op

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