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Removal Firm Recommendations/Firms to Avoid?

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Earlybird Mon 11-Jun-07 15:38:50

I'm currently researching removal firms. I'd like to find a reputable, reliable company that will come to the flat, pack it up and move everything temporarily to a storage facility.

Would appreciate any recommendations for removal firms from people who've had a good experience, and also would like tips on firms to avoid from those who have had unhappy experiences.

And finally, I know they'll give a quote based on the amount of stuff we've got - but can anyone give me a sense of how much it costs to move? I'm in London by the way.

Thank you.

VictorVictoria Mon 11-Jun-07 15:41:19

I heartily recommend a firm called UTS Bournes. Based in Sussex but do a lot of London stuff. They haved moved me countless timers into flats, out of flats, into store, out of store, into houses etc. and not TOO expensive

Rubyslippers Mon 11-Jun-07 15:44:50

i have used Britannia and Pickfords - both two of the biggest firms but towards the pricier end of the scale
I will watch this thread as we are moving again and need to find a removal company
I think you should look at the smaller, independent firms first as they may be able to negotiate a bit more on price
It is almost impossible to give a rough idea - i would reckon on £600 + for removals and then you would have to factor in storage which is charged weekly usually

barbamama Mon 11-Jun-07 15:47:37

We used a local one from S Croydon recently who were cheap (er) and very good - did the full packing service, nothing broken. Might be a bit far out for you?

cece Mon 11-Jun-07 15:51:30

In West London I would recommend Goddards Removals. They are based in Brentford. Reasonable priced and very good service. I have used them 3 times now.

Earlybird Mon 11-Jun-07 16:01:29

Thanks for fast responses. It's nice to hear initial feedback is of positive experiences rather than nightmare scenarios.

Victor, cece and barbamama - do you think the local firms you suggest have long term storage facilities (thinking maybe a year)?

Ruby - did you favour either Britannia or Pickfords?

We've got a 2 bed flat, so not a massive space to clear, but it is bursting at the seams maybe as much stuff as a 3 bed? I was thinking I'd need a day for packing and a half day for removal. I've estimated a budget of £1500 but that is pulled out of thin air so no idea if I'm way high or too low.

barbamama Mon 11-Jun-07 16:08:07

Hi ours was £999 for a 4 bed house with full packing and garage. Bit out of London so maybe a bit cheaper. I didn't ask about long term storage but last time we used Big Yellow for this and used their local recommended removal compnay to move our stuff in when we went into rented and then out again to our house when we bought it 6 months later. Again, they were fine. I think each big yellow place will have a recomended removal company attached.

cece Mon 11-Jun-07 16:38:48

Goddards certainly have containers for storage - no idea of cost or length of stays though.

cece Mon 11-Jun-07 16:39:35

For us to move a 4 bedroom house about 15 miles (no packing) was about £550

abusybee Mon 11-Jun-07 16:44:59

we used a firm called bushells based in Wandsworth. 3 bed house and shed was about £1k including packing. Best grand we ever spent I reckon. Really great small famly firm and much cheaper than the big companies we asked.

Earlybird Mon 11-Jun-07 20:22:13

So it seems my cost guess is high, based on the figures given here...Good!

Rubyslippers Mon 11-Jun-07 20:23:52

britannia may well have had the edge Early Bird but there was very little in it
i think your budget should cover the moving costs and some storage as well

Earlybird Tue 12-Jun-07 06:34:58

Bumping for those in other time zones....

Thanks for info Ruby, and others. It's very helpful.

movingeverywhere Thu 16-Aug-07 19:52:08

Hi there,
I know your post is quite old, if you have not moved yet, and still looking for a removal firm then I can help. If you have moved "all the best in your new home".

I run an online removal brokers called My company can help move any type of property anywhere in the UK, we offer a full range of services.

The best thing about our company is that we only use recommended removal companies, and will only continue to use them - as long as the last customer has confirmed that they have had a good move. This helps with quality assurance.

We rely on repeat business, and quality removal companies.

If you need any advice then please visit our site or call us on 0845 017 1626.
Best Regards

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