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Prepayment meter messed up?

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lyssie29 Mon 19-Mar-18 12:56:49

I topped up my electricity meter with £10 last week and when i put the key in it came up £150. I just assumed a fault on the meter and thought once the £10 runs out it'll kind of reset itself. However, thinking now what if they put the wrong amount in at the shop? I dont how they put 150 instead 10 but I cant find the receipt for it. Should I go bk to the shop and enquire? If i do and they say it was a mistake im scared they'll make me pay it bk all at once because I'm on benefits after my childrens dad passed away and I really dont know if i could take the stress of owing it especially as I'm even struggling now to put on £10 every 2 weeks. What do you think? What would you do if it was a mistake?

lyssie29 Mon 19-Mar-18 12:58:01

And if it's not the shop and it's the meter would you contact the electricity company?

Newscoliosismum Mon 19-Mar-18 12:58:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lyssie29 Mon 19-Mar-18 13:00:09

Oooh thank God haha i didnt even know i was getting it thank you!

Newscoliosismum Mon 19-Mar-18 13:01:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lyssie29 Mon 19-Mar-18 13:12:47

Yes I remember doing it now but it was months ago before Xmas. I'm with a company called Spark energy. I never heard anything from them and forgot all about it.

Newscoliosismum Mon 19-Mar-18 13:14:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lyssie29 Mon 19-Mar-18 15:51:02

It's ok smile ill keep adding bits so it doesn't go right down.

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