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Help with claiming benefits first timer

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Imveryverypoor Sun 18-Mar-18 13:30:57

So...I was made redundant a couple of months ago and started a new job s couple of weeks ago. Well after I've done my maths.. I only got left around £650 after I've deducted childcare and petrol. That's not enough at all... So what type of benefits can I claim? I know my rent is way above the threshold for benefits but I moved in before I was made redundant. I work in theory 35 hours a week... Minimum wage. My previous salary was 40k . Divorced, custody is 50/50 so no money from ex. And one 7 year old DD thanks!

pigshavecurlytails Sun 18-Mar-18 13:32:18

What is your current salary?

Newscoliosismum Sun 18-Mar-18 13:33:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Brittanyspears Sun 18-Mar-18 13:37:25

The site “entitled to” is helpful to see what you can claim. Good luck!

whampiece Sun 18-Mar-18 13:43:08

£650 a month left after bills? Or just after childcare and fuel?

Imveryverypoor Sun 18-Mar-18 14:27:01

Just after childcare and fuel. No UC... And the calculators ask for my previous salary which mesesses up all the numbers

Newscoliosismum Sun 18-Mar-18 18:24:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

whampiece Sun 18-Mar-18 20:08:39

What do you mean your rent is above the threshold? You must apply for housing benefit, there is no way you will be able to pay rent and live on just £650 a month

LittleGidding Sun 18-Mar-18 20:15:20

Try entitled to as a previous poster has said. Hard to know what you would be entitled to without knowing your actual salary but wtc and ctc possibly. Maybe a percentage of the LHA rate for two bedrooms although this will be based upon salary and benefits you receive together.

Imveryverypoor Sun 18-Mar-18 22:54:42

What I mean is that I local.council.housing benefit is around £540... My current flat is £925 :/I checked entitled and it made a bit more sense.. at least I could live on that

HaroldsSoCalledBluetits Sun 18-Mar-18 23:00:45

You could still get LHA, just not at a rate above the limit for your area. You won't get the full amount as you're working. If you're on minimum wage with a child you'll get some working tax and child tax credits as well. That may not cover the shortfall in rent though I'm afraid.

Imveryverypoor Sun 18-Mar-18 23:04:30

I think that's fine as long a sthey don't see it as a problem that my rent is too high, I can absorb the shortfall until I find something better

HaroldsSoCalledBluetits Sun 18-Mar-18 23:15:23

No, they won't deny you it altogether. Unless you have savings over £6k. If you aren't in a UC area get on the phone to tax credits tomorrow and also your council for HB/LHA. Also when you get your LHA award through, apply for a discretionary housing payment, which is as it sounds - it's a fund to make up some of the shortfall, awarded on a discretionary basis. Might only be a few quid extra a week even if you get it at all but better than nothing.

waningwanderer Mon 19-Mar-18 07:31:49

If you do apply for a dhp it will ask you on the form if you can move to a property that has smaller rent. Usually it's not a huge amount awarded unfortunately bar the odd few. Childcare is taken into consideration as an outgoing that reduces the household income for hb though so that's a plus.

The government gateway website is so easy to use to update working and child tax credits, sitting on the phone trying to get through to them is soul destroying.

Good luck and hope you get sorted.

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