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Understanding 'One off payment' after changing bank details with tax credits

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needtogetfit Wed 14-Feb-18 10:51:11


I recently called the tax credit helpline to change my bank details. He said on the phone that I would receive a one off payment because of his change. I didn't ask the amount of implications of that I just changed and left it at that. I have just checked my tax credit account and it says I'm going to receive a payment on Monday 19th ( which is the correct day I receive my payments and it's for £1 more than my usual amount) and next to it it says one off payment but then the next payment under it says the next payment is due 26th which is the Monday after and says 'weekly' after it so how can it be a one off payment if I'm still receiving he payments like before with a difference of about a £1? And which account will it go in this week, the old or the new?

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