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bailiff issues

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Welshchloe Tue 13-Feb-18 13:43:23

hi all i needed to rant so i am sorry

I have this week of work and hubby to be has next week off to have his kids over for the whole week because its half term and there mum is working extra shifts (he can not wait).

I went shopping and when i came back about 10 i seen a white van parked in the little culdersack and thought nothing about it when i was putting stuff in the kitchen i left the front door open because i had to get other stuff from the car. and when i was in the kitchen i turned around and seen two bailiffs walking in my front door and into my living room. I started screaming because he told me that he taking my car and looking at good in my house for a debt. I said to him we done owe anyone anything and he asked for the person who owned the house before my partner bought it. I kept on saying that the person they where looking for does not live here anymore and i offered to show him proof and he would not accept anything besides the £7500 he was owed.

Thank god my partner was working not far so i called him to come home and help because i was crying and he was moving good to take with him because my 7 year old MX5 was not enough of a value to cover the debt.

When my partner was on his was home he called the police to be there (they turned out to be as much use as a chocolate tea pot). when my partner got home they clamped his car also.

My partner kept on saying that it is illegal to open anyone else's post so we just put on the envelope return to sender and pop it in the post box. After 2 hours them and the police finally agreeing that we went the people they wanted they left. very unhappy.

my partner is working from home now for the rest of the day because I'm scared they are going to come back. I can not believe that they would not take any proof that we were not the people on there order.

19lottie82 Tue 13-Feb-18 13:49:22

How horiffic OP. They should have left when you showed them proof of your ID and that you were the current occupiers, I’m guessing you did?

I’d file an official complaint with the bailiff company and maybe even call citizens advice.

Welshchloe Tue 13-Feb-18 13:53:54

we are just thankful that it was this week not next week when his kids are here cos that really would of messed them up

PilarTernera Tue 13-Feb-18 14:00:19

Do you have a copy of the order? You need to get in touch with the court that issued the order and tell them you are not the right people and get them to call the bailiffs off. I wouldn't bother trying to contact the bailliff company. You are not their customer, so they won't be interested.

Your dp is mistaken about it being against the law to open someone else's post. It is only against the law if you are doing it wilfully and maliciously, with intent to injure any other person. If you have no intent to cause harm, it's not unlawful to open a letter that comes to your house.

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