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I'm goi g to be evicted

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fuzzywuzzyy Sun 03-Dec-17 19:34:00

So insight we have £1900 overdraft, a credit card of £1000, sofa £37

Incomings- £1152.70

Our rent is £1250
Car tax and insurance £85
Council tax £137
Petrol £200
Child maintenance £152.72
Food £150
Phones £100
Internet £49
TVs licence 12.18
Home insurance £18
Gas £50
Electric £30

We cannot afford our rent and monthly bills we are tied into contracts if we get evicted would we be intentionally homeless?

LIZS Sun 03-Dec-17 19:37:04

When does your rental expire? Downsize, cancel mobiles , go to CAB and make sure you are budgetting as tight as you can. Are there dc, child benefit income?

WhoWants2Know Sun 03-Dec-17 19:37:08

No, I don’t think evictions count as making yourself voluntarily homeless. And you can take steps to reduce your debt through a charity like stepchange.

Have you checked that you are receiving all the financial assistance that you are entitled to?

AfunaMbatata Sun 03-Dec-17 19:40:12

If you’re evicted due to rent arrears then yes, you can and most will count you as intentionally homeless. Rent is a priority, pay that above all other bills.

Allthebestnamesareused Sun 03-Dec-17 19:41:44

Phones £100?????

Ragusa Sun 03-Dec-17 19:42:13

You can maybe reduce your outgoings?

Car tax and insurance is very high. Can you not ex change it for something cheaper to insure and tax?

Phone bill per month is a stupid amount unless.there are Eg 4 of you with phones.

Petrol costs are also really high. Is that for commuting to work?

In answer to your main Q, if you are evicted for rent arrears (you must not voluntarily leave even when notice has been served) then you will not be deemed intentionally homeless.

However do you have a priority need?? Eg resident young kids, a disability, etc?

fuzzywuzzyy Sun 03-Dec-17 19:43:32

We have a dc living with us she one year old we are tied into contracts is the biggest issue our tenancy ends in August 2018

fuzzywuzzyy Sun 03-Dec-17 19:46:52

DH had to become self employed taxi driver to care for dd, he was told he would earn £25-£35000 a year but is making between £14000- 15000 a year we cannot afford childcare for him to get a different job so it's a non stop cycle can't afford childcare can't change jobs etc

dorislessingscat Sun 03-Dec-17 19:47:00

Can you increase your income in any way?

Ragusa Sun 03-Dec-17 19:48:58

What benefits are you claiming?

fuzzywuzzyy Sun 03-Dec-17 19:49:28

We are not entitled to benefits just child benefit

Ragusa Sun 03-Dec-17 19:51:26

Time for money advice ASAP, op. You essentially need to see which bills it would be least bad to default on.

Ragusa Sun 03-Dec-17 19:57:17

If you yourself are not earning and providing you are not disqualified because you have no recourse to public funds you should be getting tax credits and possibly other stuff too on the stated income.

You need professional advice OP.

Madbengalmum Sun 03-Dec-17 19:59:18

Phone bill £100 ridiculous

LIZS Sun 03-Dec-17 19:59:31

Dc won't be 1 forever. You may qualify for funding for childcare after 2nd bday, ask your hv. What did your dp do before taxi driving?

Lillylollylandy Sun 03-Dec-17 19:59:41

Why are you not entitled to benefits? Who told you that?

PurplePillowCase Sun 03-Dec-17 20:03:01

rent is absolut priority, any debt advisor will tell you that.
I agree you need advice on money management, possibly a debt management plan.

have you stuff to sell? a room you could rent out (with permission)?
odd jobs you and dh could do for extra cash?

Ragusa Sun 03-Dec-17 20:08:07

Should have said above if you do n6t claim benefits to which you are entitled and are then evicted, then you will possibly be deemed intentionally homeless.

LIZS Sun 03-Dec-17 20:10:05

If it is ast you may have a break clause in Feb even with an annual agreement or you may be able to leave by mutual consent. Keep paying rent and ct as priority. Is the car used as a taxi? Is the 1000 your work income?

safariboot Sun 03-Dec-17 20:14:37

Agreed with others. You are probably not going to be evicted, but you will have to renegotiate some bills. As mentioned, you've no good reason to be spending £100/mth on phones and £49 on internet except that you already made the mistake of signing contracts for that. If the providers won't renegotiate then you'll just have to not pay them, which will fuck up your credit rating but what can you do.

Caulk Sun 03-Dec-17 20:15:22

Will any contracts offer you a change? My phone lets me change about 2 months before the end

fuzzywuzzyy Sun 03-Dec-17 21:00:49

I earn the top figure DH the less, I'm going to see if we can get any benefits again, my contract I can renew I believe but DH is new as he got it for work as needed high data etc

SingaSong12 Sun 03-Dec-17 21:06:18

For a benefit calculator have a look at

Longdistance Sun 03-Dec-17 21:08:29

Have a look at
Should let you know what you’re due. With the figures above, I’m sure your are.

Mobile contracts are huge, see what your provider can do? Is the home insurance contents only as my buildings and contents is about that much. You don’t need buildings if you’re renting that’s for your landlord to do.

fuzzywuzzyy Sun 03-Dec-17 21:26:40

I've lowered my phone contract I can't lower DH as its new, internet I can't change currently, car insurance and tax is for a Kia cerato 2005 so not a snazzy car and pay insurance monthly

I appreciate everyone's help smile

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