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Maternity allowance

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Hannah1x Sun 03-Dec-17 13:14:26

Hi all. Looking for some advice on maternity allowance.

I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant and don't quality for SMP because I'm self employed (via an agency) and I need to apply for maternity allowance.

I probably should have got this sorted alot sooner, but until recently I intended to work up until my due date. I'm pushing myself a bit too hard now though as my job is manual labour. I want to begin maternity leave asap as I'm struggling :-(

I've worked in my current placement full time since June. Before this I worked part time for a retailer and was on a significantly lower wage so I'm concerned I won't have met the required NI contributions - in order to qualify for the £140 per week MA.

I've just asked my agency to send me all my pay slips and asked them to send The required SMP1 form. Hopefully they do this asap. I've got the matb1 from my midwife ready, and am going to call the DWP tomorrow and request they send me the MATB2 form so I can apply for the maternity allowance.. but when do I request it from? I don't even know if am able to come out of work until I know what I'm entitled to.

Part of the problem is that until I know whether I qualify for the 140 a week, I don't feel able to come out of work. I know this could take up to 6 weeks, and I just don't have 6 weeks of hard graft left in me.

If i don't qualify for the 140 a week then what do I do, does anybody know?

I'm so stressed at the moment. Apologies if this seems jumbled x

rebail Sun 10-Dec-17 17:06:16

Hopefully you've got some clarification in the days since you posted. If not, to qualify for MA, you need to have worked for 26 weeks in the previous 2 years. This page might be helpful, it even has a calculator:

If you don't qualify for the 140, then you should do a benefit check to see what else you may get. It looks like you would still get £27/week if you met the other criteria.

Maternity Allowance can be paid from 11 weeks before your baby is due.

I'm not sure whether you've got other kids, but the arrival of your baby should mean you may be entitled to other benefits when you weren't previously. There are benefit calculators online that should clarify things - turn2us and entitledto. You should check on to see whether you are in a UC full service area as this may change things for you (not if you are only expanding existing CTC/HB claims). I work in advice, so do ask if you've got other questions. Good luck smile

IsaSchmisa Sun 10-Dec-17 22:24:51

If you don't qualify for MA, income support might be a possibility.

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