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Independent financial advisor

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AmeliaFlashtart Sat 02-Dec-17 11:14:34

How do you find a truly independant advisor? I've asked around for recs but nothing so far.........

Optimist1 Sat 02-Dec-17 11:45:41

I found a wonderful one on - if I recall you can see their specialisms as well as location.

Kazzyhoward Sat 02-Dec-17 11:59:24

Unbiased is OK, but many really good IFAs don't advertise on there at all due to cost.

Independent financial advisors are legaly required to be upfront with you as to whether they are truly "independent" i.e. whole of market, or whether they have ties/links to specific providers.

As with any professional service provider, you're far better to go with trusted referrals from family/friends who are their existing clients. Don't put trust in referrals from businesses who may only be recommending due to them getting commissions (i.e. such as a bank manager, solicitor, etc).

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