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Advice needed

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user1471173214 Wed 22-Nov-17 18:58:43

So my ex opened up a credit card and a few catalogues in other people's names a while back, at my address.
He used my bank account number and sort code and some of my email addresses that I don't use anymore.
Letters have come in them names but I've never opened them as they weren't my letters to open.
I also signed for the things he ordered, not knowing they were under someone else's name. He's only just come clean about all of this now and I'm scared I'll be done for fraud as nothing leads back to him. I can't even prove he was living here because it's only me on the tenancy agreement. I have two young children and I can't even sleep at night knowing I could get sent down for 10+ years.
He had one credit card, and around 3 catalogues. Even used my phone and deleted history.
I am even willing to pay the outstanding balances myself in instalments.
Does anyone have any advice for me please x

MrsMoastyToasty Wed 22-Nov-17 19:05:12

Go to the police and get him done for fraud.
It may be worth going to your local CAB for financial and debt advice.

19lottie82 Wed 22-Nov-17 20:09:42

Yes, you need to go to the police about this I’m afraid. I take it you didn’t know about him using your bank account?

You really need to go to the police ASAP, if you don’t they could consider you an accessory as your bank account has been involved.

19lottie82 Wed 22-Nov-17 20:51:13

PS its not necessarily anything to worry about and fairy common, just file the notice of disassociation to put the reports right and make sure there are no nasties on your credit history you’re unaware of.

19lottie82 Wed 22-Nov-17 20:51:52

Oops ignore my last post, apologies it was meant for another thread

Floralnomad Wed 22-Nov-17 20:53:50

What did you do with the letters that came ?

user1471173214 Wed 22-Nov-17 21:16:31

I can't remember what I did with the letters as it was in 2016. The catalogues were 2015. Not had any recently.

AdoraBell Wed 22-Nov-17 23:04:31

Definitely Police. And tell your bank too.

wheresmyphone Wed 22-Nov-17 23:18:43

CAB debt advisors. They are trained for this sort of thing.

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