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Should I use the small claims court?

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redjumper Sun 12-Nov-17 10:08:08

I have a dispute with a lettings company over a leak which damaged my ceiling which they didn't investigate or repair for 3 months. It cost me about £300 to repair and redecorate and the insurance won't cover it due to a high excess. I'm really annoyed with the lettings company because they lied to me about having investigated and kept trying to fob me off. When a flat above has a leak into your property they don't automatically have to pay for your repairs, I was surprised by this but I accept it is the law. However, in my case the lettings company didn't repair their leak for 3 months and it caused further damage. I think they failed in their duty to maintain their property so I should be reimbursed. They disagree and keep lying to me that they got a plumber out who couldn't find the leak but I know this isn't true as I've spoken to the tenants who live there and the plumber who found the leak in the end and it was obvious no one had ever looked before.
Has anyone used the small claims court before? Can you offer any advice on whether it's worth It? Do I need to speak to a solicitor? It's only a small claim so wouldn't justify me spending much money on it.

BaronessBomburst Sun 12-Nov-17 10:11:01

Who owns the property? I would speak to the landlord or the freeholder before going to the small claims court.

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