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Tax credits please help lol

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invernesslass1983 Wed 08-Nov-17 10:07:28

Ok, so. Im a sessional worker so work 38 weeks out of the year but recieve a salary for 52. Back in august tax credits stopped my WTC and my CTC, I was recieving £148 combined but they dropped it to £8 by saying they had worked out I only worked 13 hours a week. I work 16 hours a week minimum wage although my contract shows 12 hours. They show a lower hour amount so that we recieve a salary for 12 months.
I sent all the paper work back in at the end of august and tax credits still havent actioned it, so I dont know if I am due anything or if I will recieve £8 a week until april. I also sent back and income and expedniture record to show that I need the amount repayed lowered but they cant action anything until the outcome of the appeal. I am on my own with my son and am now seriously struggling. Can anyone share any similar experiences and also if youve ever done an appeal what the outcome was? Im trying to keep positive but its so so difficult! Thanks so much in advance xx

Havingahorridtime Wed 08-Nov-17 13:04:09

I found this:

They should be counting you as working 16 hours a week as they ignore term time breaks for those who work term time only. They have got it wrong . Ask for a mandatory reconsideration which you have to do either in writing by post or online through the tax credits online system.

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