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wwyd use pounds or dollars?

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user1467297746 Tue 07-Nov-17 12:38:12

I work part time from home and get paid in USD$ on an irregular basis, I don't earn masses, maybe GBP27 - 30K a year.

I do have some savings in pounds, maybe 2 years salary worth-

I just got paid around USD10k wondering whether to transfer that to pounds here or use my pounds to pay myself?

Feel like I should be getting my money to do something - its just sitting there doing nothing!

and this whole BREXIT thing may mean the pound will crash even more? so my USD$$$ worth more?

I could of course change my pounds to dollars as well?

I'm not very money minded, not sure what to do with it.

Whyamistillawake Fri 10-Nov-17 05:19:08

I get paid in USD (sort of, there's a fixed exchange rate) and my spending is also in USD. I will realistically move back to the UK one day though. My savings are split between USD (because it means I can easily save a set amount out of my salary a month and GBP because whatever happens to the exchange rate I want to ensure I have a decent float in GBP. If I were you I'd save a small amount in USD and the bulk in GBP. This assumes you see your life in the UK long term. Ultimately no one knows why at will happen to the exchange rate in the very long term and the nature if FX markets mean they've already adjusted to the 'everyone says it will go down more' stories. Take a risk on that with some of it but ultimately you need to have the majority of your savings in the currency you will be spending it in

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