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Child Tax Credits?? Anyone an expert?

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ImJustOneGrumpyMare Mon 06-Nov-17 11:30:29

So, I'll try keep it sweet and simple. Just need some advice really.

My DS2 was born 27.8.17 And i added him to my current child tax credit claim on the 18.09.2017. Well it's still not sorted out. I've been ringing them twice a week and was getting fobbed off.

Anyway this morning I ring them again, They gave me a different number to ring so I rang them. Apparently they have nothing to do with it and to ring the tax credit office back.

So i did... then got told the place id just rang put a note on saying they're finished with it. And then the woman said I will finish it off you should get your award notice through the post in the next 6 weeks.. then the phone went dead confused must of been put down. I'm very glad it's finally been sorted out. But I never got to ask her my question and I don't want to cause havoc ringing them back lol.

Last week I got told by them I would get the money backdated from when I put my caim in 18.09.17. My normal payment dates are Tuesday. I'm just wondering will I get my backpayment and ds2 payments from tomorrow or will I have to wait for the award notice before I receive any kind of payments.

6 weeks on tip if the 7 weeks I've already waited angry

Justbookedasummmerholiday Mon 06-Nov-17 11:33:43

It took them ten weeks to sort with ds the they drip fed me the money owed. Which affected my hb as it appeared I had an extra amount those weeks!!Was pd off as has to borrow to buy things for ds as he was premature and nothing fit!! Had to drip feed my debt back and felt rubbish!!
They really don't care - we are just a name +number.

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