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Maintenance Payments

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cr90 Fri 03-Nov-17 12:06:49

First of all sorry if it’s in the wrong section, I split with my ex partner just over 6 months ago was my decision to leave. She currently lives in the house that I am currently paying half towards the mortgage as it is in my name but allowing her to stay there. I have my little boy 3 nights a week and she has him 3 nights a week the other night being her parents having him. I am currently paying £240 a month due to my income but this was based on him being with me 2 nights a week however I have kept a track of the nights he has been with me and it 3 nights every week. I still contribute half to the mortgage, half to his nursery fees and pay for him to play football every week. My thoughts are that I’m paying too much but don’t know how to broach this with my ex as I fear she may stop me having my little boy as much. Does anyone have any advice for me?

FuckitAndStartAgain Fri 03-Nov-17 14:41:16

Hi. You might get more ideas if you ask MN to move this to relationships. For what it is worth, I would ignore mortgage payment if you will still own half of the house. As for what you pay, it does seem a lot (depending of course on what you earn) for 50/50 Care BUT what is needed to keep roof over your son’s head and the heating on? I guess I am saying the important thing right now is that both your son’s parents can house him adequately. Hope that helps a little.

If you report this I am sure MN will move it as it is about the relationships as much as the money. 😃

CrazyLoopyLou Fri 03-Nov-17 14:59:04

From experience, I would google child maintenance calculator and work out what you would pay based on having him 3 nights a week. My husband did this and it wasn’t that much less so he just pays the bit extra as it would cause so much aggro if he tried to pay less (his ex isn’t a very nice person when it comes to him seeing his daughter) it does seem a lot but it is all based on wages.
Nursery fees come under maintenance so you’re not obliged to pay them aswell, same as football. You could maybe suggest your maintenance going down and you keep paying for them things? Would she be ok money wise if you stopped paying?
As you say, sadly, there is a chance she could stop you seeing him as much.
I’m honestly not sure about the mortgage payments. I’m guessing as it’s in your name too then you’re still responsible. Could you put it in your name?

LemonSqueezy0 Fri 03-Nov-17 15:55:48

You could get a court order to ensure the current days stay the same and then broach the subject of cms msintansnce then. It's all well and good the PP saying 'keep paying half the mortgage' but that might mean the OP is unable to afford their own rent, and don't be able to get another mortgage etc. The mortgage payment is part of maintainance, not as well as, unless the OP can afford both.
I'd definitely get a court order to ensure you don't lose the access you have and take it from there.

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