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What is the cheapest way for people to pay you if you're a very small business

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LaurieFairyCake Fri 27-Oct-17 12:03:06

I’m looking for an app I think? Or a barcode on my phone they can tap. I’m not keen on PayPal and I’m a bit behind the times with stuff

I’d really like a card machine - any idea of the costs of it?

BabyOrSanta Fri 27-Oct-17 12:04:57

What's your estimated turnover?

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Fri 27-Oct-17 12:05:58

Have a look at the izettle:

moggle Fri 27-Oct-17 13:51:05

I'd echo izettle, had good experiences with it including dealings with their customer service line. (I sold at craft fairs etc). There are a few other options to investigate. All supply little card machines that connect via your phone usually via bluetooth:
Sumup; Square; Payleven; Paypal Here (pays into your paypal so maybe not this one if you aren't keen, and seems to have higher fees)
I think they all do chip and pin now and you can email receipts.

izettle seems to be about £30 for the card reader and then transactions are charged at 1.7% each. Sumup looks similar. Total bargain IMO. Obviously you need a data connection but I've never had an issue with this; if you live in the depths of nowhere you may though....

Ta1kinPeece Sat 28-Oct-17 21:35:14

depends what you are selling, who to and on what occasions

Mosaic123 Sun 29-Oct-17 21:11:02

My hairdresser who works from home has one of those. It seems to work well.

Giraffesarequitetall Sun 29-Oct-17 21:14:26

I have clients that use izettle and it is cheaper than a paypal machine (1.75% compared to 2.75% for paypal from memory).

It works well for them.

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