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Land Registry help

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Pollyputthekettleon45 Wed 25-Oct-17 09:19:09


I need some advice, i've rang my bank a few times and the person I need to speak to it on holiday.

Basically, My nan passed away and has left me her house. No mortage. She has left the house soley to me.
DH and I have been for a preliminary? Remortage app and we can lend £80k to 'do it up'.
Probate has gone through.

Here is my problem, the house wasnt registered on the land registry. It is now but in my name only. Its going to cost money for us, for me to gift half of the house to my husband. Money we dont really have atm as it's been one thing after another.

Can we get a joint mortgage if the house is only registered in my name?
We are planning to sort the gifting once the remortage has gone through.

There was a cock up at the solictors and we are almost 6 months behind as the solictors 'forgot' the paperwork, we want this done quickly as possible!

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