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The Claims Guys PPI

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moonbeam75 Tue 24-Oct-17 13:39:37

I signed their LOA letter of authority to check for any PPI for me. I believed this check was free but it isn't though they've sent a second LOA to sign to proceed with actual found PPI and I may yet not sign it. Anyway my question is that I am worried now that they state they can collect a fee for any PPI they find on me, not just the specific lenders I initially contacted them to look into. I have a claim with a second PPI company who's fee I'm happy with but can The Claims Guys even begin to ask for a free food PPI another company finds for me?

Thankyou for reading and yes I know I should have done this myself but tbh I thought I'd found all my PPI and The Claims Guys was just a gamble so I'll just not claim it.

moonbeam75 Tue 24-Oct-17 13:41:35

*fee not food

Thiswayorthatway Tue 24-Oct-17 13:47:15

What does the first LOA you signed say? If it says you have to pay them a fee for a check then you probably do have to pay. Why did you think it was free, did they say this? If the clause re. payment is buried away in complicated t&c's then you might be able to say that it wasn't brought to your attention (consumer contract etc).

moonbeam75 Tue 24-Oct-17 14:19:55

I don't know how well these images will come out but basically this is the first letter you receive after saying you'd like a free PPI check.

moonbeam75 Tue 24-Oct-17 14:43:38

I don't know what it said as I had to post it back to them, under the honest belief it was more info for them to look into specific accounts further, obviously I was wrong on that point, but on this new documentation it states, "*Please be aware that by completing one LOA (and one LQ which is a lender questionnaire), that the Company may investigate all accounts where PPI has been applied, under the consent provided and that any successful claim will be subject to a Fee".

Now this is where I'm annoyed, surely they can only legally pursue PPI I've signed agreements for them to look into, and not for just "all accounts where PPI has been applied", as in lenders I've not even told them about. I have PPI with another account that I did not ask these to look at and asked another company to. I'm now worried these guys think they have free reign over all my past accounts cards and lenders but surely that's BS unless I've signed specific paperwork for specific lenders. They can't have my life surely it's ridiculous, the T&C's are confusing to say the least, stating "If you cancel your claim within the (14 day) cooling off period you will owe claims guys nothing, unless you have received a reasonable offer of compensation within this period". Well they've not stayed am offer just they've found something. "Cooling off period means 14 days from the date the claim is submitted to the company during which time you may cancel the claim free of charge". So I received my most recent letter stating they'd found ppi dated 19th Oct, so am I in the cooling off period or is that from the very first ever contact. That was never made clear.
"Free PPI check means claims guys will endeavour to identify whether PPI existed on products/accounts provided by the company for free". So they've found some but it's not free.

All their documents can be found on their site I believe but again I'm not gonna dispute if they're right on the checks I've signed for I'm annoyed at the insinuation they can have a fee for ANY, as in PPI In already claiming with another company or by myself.

moonbeam75 Tue 24-Oct-17 14:48:15

I believed it was free for them to look and find but not them to have any reign over it if I pursued myself. Hopefully this help no one else make that mistake. It's easy to do it yourself though if you have to have a company do it for you some charge as little as 10% so definitely search but MSE can talk you through it x

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