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Child benefit entitlement

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QuickWash Mon 23-Oct-17 17:12:23

We have recently realised that due to my husband getting a company car and health insurance etc, he is very close to paying higher rate tax/has earned over the threshold at points which I believe means I shouldn't get child benefit anymore.

I have tried to go online and to ring them but can work out how to sort this out - does it have to be my husband even though it's paid into my account? He is never going to find time to sort this out as he travels with work and is rarely home.

If I have been paid it when I shouldn't have, how to we go about paying it back?

Dairymilkmuncher Mon 23-Oct-17 17:15:24

You can just call and speak to them they are friendly and it's not like tax credits if you get paid even though your husband is a high earner it doesn't mean you pay them back it means you need to alter your tax return or your husband's tax code for the next tax year I think.

LIZS Mon 23-Oct-17 17:18:41

If he has benefits like a car he should probably be completing a tax return anyway, and declaring the cb just in case. By the time pension contributions etc are deducted you may still be entitled to it in full.

dementedpixie Mon 23-Oct-17 17:22:50

After £50k you start paying a proportion back and once you reach £60k you would pay it all back. It is paid back by the high earner completing a self assessment tax return. Everyone is entitled to claim it it's just that sometimes some needs paying back. If he is consistently earning over £60k then you can claim child benefit but not take the payment.

If you opt out of payment you can actually do it online as I'm sure that's how i opted out.

SandLand Mon 23-Oct-17 17:26:00

Its not linked to the higher rate tax hand, but to earnings above 50k.
It can be dealt with in a self assessment tax form - dies he already complete one?

gracey1 Mon 23-Oct-17 17:29:22

Can I ask why you would claim child benefit but opt out of the payment? My hubby is over 60k myself 40, so I wasn’t intending to claim but not sure now? Thanks

dementedpixie Mon 23-Oct-17 17:38:37

You claim to protect your NI credits until your youngest child is 12. Also means they get their NI number automatically when they turn 16

Perfectly1mperfect Mon 23-Oct-17 17:42:37


If you are not working and you don't claim, whether you are due to receive the benefit or not, you won't receive the credits towards a state pension to fill the gaps when you didn't work due to being at home looking after your children.

To get a full state pension in the future you have to have a certain number years either that you have worked or have been credited to you because you were looking after your children.

So you should definitly claim even if you end up paying it back with a payment each year or through your husbands tax code, if you are not working.

gracey1 Mon 23-Oct-17 17:45:41

Thanks for the replies, I’ll make a claim when he appears. Thanks again x

LIZS Mon 23-Oct-17 17:47:44

Gracey, you can register for cb but opt out of the payments, thus still getting ni credits until child is 13 towards your pension.

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