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UC and self employed hours

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LadyGardener2 Sun 22-Oct-17 10:40:52

Hi, does anyone know what the minimum hours you are expected to work if self employed? DP and I have our own little business. Would we both be expected to work 35 hours each (and therefore earn 35x7.50x2 =£525 a week). We earn nowhere near this, although we make a profit. Will my hours be reduced if I have DC to look after (though youngest is 7 atm). I think we might have to actually end our business that we've worked hard in (and which is growing year by year) if this is the case sad

missadasmith Sun 22-Oct-17 11:45:57

I thought you were expected to earn at least minimum wage for every hour you claim to work - at least for an established business (your post doesn't read as if you just started out).

TBH, if you are earning way below that rate then you haven't got a viable business. What do you live on if on??

having a 7 year old won't let you reduce the hours.

Babyroobs Sun 22-Oct-17 12:04:04

UC is not very friendly to the self employed. they are more lenient for the first year of setting up a new business but after that the business will be expected to earn at least minimum wage per hour. One of you will be expected to work full time and one a certain number of hours depending on the age of your youngest child. I think after the age of 12 you are both expected to work full time ( or it may be 30 hours for one), however it does depend the hourly rate that the other earns.

delilahbucket Sun 22-Oct-17 14:45:15

If your business is within the first two years then you are not expected to earn minimum wage for every hour you claim to work (I believe), however after this point you will be treated as though you are earning minimum wage. If you say you work 35 hours a week, they will expect you to have the wage to prove it. If you don't, it isn't really a viable business. Having a child who is at school won't make any difference. It doesn't take both of you to look after that child. I run my own business but don't use childcare. I still work full time hours and having a child to look after doesn't alter that. I just often work evenings and weekends as well as during school hours.

gingerh4ir Sun 22-Oct-17 16:15:29

I disagree with UC in so many levels but I think it is about time that the close the loophole of those being self employed and claim to earn next to nothing only to maximise the TC they get.

OP, if you don't even make NMW and both of you working don't earn enough to be reasonable self sufficient, how is that a business? It is just a life style proposed up with silly cash by the tax payer. Sounds like you had your 'business' for years and it is not working. I'd look for a proper job.

scrabbler3 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:06:46

Are you moving to UC imminently? For now, I believe that people in UC areas will move to UC only if they have a change of circumstance, with the rest following between 2019-22. Perhaps your business will be more profitable by that time? Rather than selling it, could you look at ways of making it more viable?

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