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Universal Credit - NI Credits/Contributions

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Godstopper Fri 20-Oct-17 13:24:42

Hi All,

I am trapped in some awful Kafka-esque form filling nightmare. Situation is this:

- Attempted to claim income-related ESA (not eligible for contributions-based) to ensure continuation of entitlement to state pension (I thought I'd get a credits only award as meet the criteria). I knew I wouldn't receive an actual income owing to my partner's income.

- Letter today to say the claim has been withdrawn as I live in a full-service UC area (except the DWP page told me to apply for ESA as did someone on the phone when we explained the situation, arrrghh) and I need to apply for that.

- But I don't seem to be eligible for UC because of my partner.

So, does this mean I've now vanished down a black hole as far as NI contributions are concerned? Or is it like ESA where you can have a credits only award? It's something of a concern: I am attempting to do things right and seem to be running into problems before I've gotten anywhere.

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