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Ex-Army Pension Divorce Lump Sum Advise please.....

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Gemmafionawright Fri 20-Oct-17 13:24:07


Anyone got any experience of being an ex-army wife and what happened with Pension and Lump sum following divorce?

Ex and I "HAD" agreed that he would commute as much as he could and then we would split lump sum 50/50 in return for nothing else. eg no Pension Sharing Order etc...

However, he's now saying he will make me an offer.....he won't commute the full amount. Hes not supplying me with the information eg Pension Statement etc as it's been requested and I just really don't know where else to go or what to do!

I don't have any money to pay for solicitor or anything...

we have 2 kids who live with me if that matters any and no other things to sort other than his pension. We didn't have a house or anything.

thanks x

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