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Help to understand Income Support/Working Tax credits

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strongswans Mon 16-Oct-17 12:51:26

Thought I'd try here as the helpline for IS was zero help. I currently claim IS and Carers Allowance as my son is disabled. I have previously been a childminder, and due to the rules I still received IS whilst getting Working TC's. I am hoping to return to work soon and am trying to work out my possible finances first. I will still be self-employed, but not a childminder. I have been told by friends and a few websites (entitled to) say that carers are still entitled to claim IS even when working over the usual 16hrs. As I said I am a carer to my son.

Does anyone have any experience of this? I just need to plan my finances before I take the next move.

Babyroobs Mon 16-Oct-17 13:21:36

You can claim IS as a top up to carers allowance but you can't get IS and WTC together. You can claim CA and work and earn up to £116 a week and get WTC top up.

Babyroobs Mon 16-Oct-17 13:23:36

Be very careful if going self employed though. The rules are getting stricter and tax credits increasingly want you to prove a viable business. When you get switched to Universal credit it is even harder and it just isn't friendly towards the self employed.

strongswans Mon 16-Oct-17 13:25:36

Thank you! Its so hard to understand the rules sometimes! Thanks for the heads up about universal credit

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