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Random large tax credits payment

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Tatiana1986 Wed 11-Oct-17 21:01:50

I've had a random 2.5k payment from HMRC today am 99% sure it's a mistake on their part. Should I call them or just leave the money alone and wait for them to ask for it back?

Thank You!

Fattychan123 Wed 11-Oct-17 21:05:22

I think you can log in online now and see how they have come to this conclusion.

If you don't already have an account you just make one providing you have a passport

defo check as if it's wrong they will ask you to repay and if you don't they charge interest I belive. Cheeky

Tatiana1986 Wed 11-Oct-17 21:08:20

Logged in straight away but couldn't see anything relating to this payment. It's got to be an error. When will they realise this happened?

GotToGetMyFingerOut Wed 11-Oct-17 21:10:06

Could it be for an actual tax rebate from a job? My husband got a cheque for a few hundred last year out the blue from a few years before.

Ditsy1980 Wed 11-Oct-17 21:15:21

Sometimes I get a random payment from them then a letter explaining it arrives a few days later.
I'd definitely query it if you don't receive a letter.
Have you reported any changes to them recently?

Fattychan123 Wed 11-Oct-17 21:20:08

I would call tomorrow and ask for a relay of what it's from

With mine it said you are owed 'xxx' here's how we worked it out. Did it say online you were due a refund.

Is it income tax or tax credits ?
I couldn't sit on the money and wait to hear lol

Tatiana1986 Wed 11-Oct-17 21:50:57

It didn't say anything at all about being due any money whatsoever. I am aware that their correspondence is sometimes behind their payments. Also I never used the online service before so maybe didn't look where I should have done...
The payment was referenced as work and child tax credits. They were stopped a couple of months ago when I reported a change and they decided I won't be getting any because of these changes.
It's just so careless on their part. Not small amount either; you'd think whoever did it would be paying more attention when making transactions like these confused

gamerchick Wed 11-Oct-17 21:53:31

After dealing with the clusterfuck that is tax credits for old claims I’d stick it in an account and ignore it for a year while they make their mind up. That’s a hefty wedge to have to pay back.

MozzchopsThirty Wed 11-Oct-17 22:09:01

I once had 2k from CSA which I was not due
When I phoned the lady made it quite clear that it would be ‘very difficult’ for them to recover the money if it was their error

I went on 2 holidays and spent the fucking lot grin.

6 years later they sent me a letter saying they’d made an error but would not be attempting to recover the money

No idea if HMRC would be this shite though

Tatiana1986 Wed 11-Oct-17 22:48:37

Ooh Mozzchops sounds like a dream grin

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