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Ex husbands tax bill and joint mortgage

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thegoodnameshadgone Fri 06-Oct-17 17:01:47


Please can anyone advise what my best course of action would be.

Divorced from ex husband.

We have a house that is in joint names. He lives in, he pays the mortgage. The plan has always been that he will apply for a new mortgage solely in his name.

I have said to sell and that if there is any profit I don’t want it, I just want off the mortgage. He currently won’t sell as he believes it needs work doing and will not put it on the market until it’s completed.

He has a large outstanding debt with the inland revenue. He has just been declined for a mortgage.

Will the inland revenue seize the house if the debt is not paid?

How will this affect me?

Why should I be doing to protect myself?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


delilahbucket Sat 07-Oct-17 08:10:50

What was put in the divorce settlement about the hous?

Peanutbuttercheese Sat 07-Oct-17 09:17:28

I have no idea about the inland revenue and this is more of a bump for you but if at any point he defaults on the mortgage you can be chased for the money.

thegoodnameshadgone Sun 08-Oct-17 09:49:14

Am I force the sale of the house if he defaults?

delilahbucket Sun 08-Oct-17 13:38:06

What was in the divorce settlement?

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