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CTC tribunal

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ninjafairy10 Fri 06-Oct-17 16:02:23

My ex is taking me to tribunal for CTC, I received a letter to say I should have had the appeal response (Bundle of evidence)so that I can check it and add anything if need be, but so far I have not received it, phoned tribunal service who said HMRC should have sent it, and HMRC said they didn't and to contact Tribunal service for it...does anyone know who sends the evidence documents out?? confused

Samesituation Fri 06-Oct-17 20:46:06

Hi, i think the HMRC appeals department should have prepared the appeal response and issued you a copy. The appellants appeal will have been sent to HMCTS - (Tribunal) first who will then have informed HMRC of the appeal and it will have be up to them to prepare and issue a copy of the paperwork. Contact the HMRC appeals department. But if that fails ask HMCTS for a copy, if you catch them on a good day they might send you a copy, if not explain to them HMRC have said they won't issue you a copy and could they ask them to provide you one. It can actually cause delays for the hearing, and any decision that is made if you don't have a copy, have the opportunity for your say and have not seen the response and evidence. Good luck.
Just out of interest how can your EXP take you to court for CTC? - I'm assuming you mean child tax credit.

ninjafairy10 Sun 08-Oct-17 09:33:34

Thank you for that, I will contact them again, see if they can get me to the right department and neither of them seemed to be much help My ex just likes to cause as many problems for me as possible, he's tried about 4 times to get child benefit but has been refused as I am main carer, as soon as the financials were finalised in court for the decree absolute, he decided he wanted them, and now that divorce has been settled ; based on income where he didnt get them, he wants ctc too..hes been refused twice so now he's taking it to tribunal...

Samesituation Sun 08-Oct-17 10:04:20

What a nightmare, hope you get sorted. If HMCTS (the Tribunal) tell you of the hearing date, and you haven't managed to obtain a copy (hopefully you should have by then) write to them and ask for the hearing to be postponed because of this and ask for it to be referred to a Judge for consideration. If for some reason the hearing goes ahead you can ask for any decision made to be Set Aside on the grounds that you haven't had sight of all the paperwork. It is up to a judge to make that decision.

ninjafairy10 Sun 08-Oct-17 11:24:21

Thank you for that advice, the only reason he does these things is to worry me and try to cause stress, if it's not this, then it's something else....

Samesituation Sun 08-Oct-17 12:18:17

No problems. This sounds a nightmare for you as it is, you certainly don't need the hassle of being passed from pillar to post just to get what you legally require. Good luck.

ninjafairy10 Sun 08-Oct-17 18:44:10

Not after 8 years no, it took 6 years to get the divorce sorted !! thanks again smile

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