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Would I count as a seasonal or Term Time worker? TC related

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scarletmonkey Thu 05-Oct-17 11:45:49

I've been offered a position that is 37 hours per week for nine months of the year. I would be off for three months of summer.

I currently receive TC in relation to childcare costs.

I'm not sure because of the cycle of work whether I'd count as a term time worker with hours being counted as averaged at 28 hours a week over 52 weeks. Or would I be classed as a seasonal worker, with a three month period of unemployment.

The job is permanent with the salary being pro rated over 12 months, so the months I'm not working I'd still be paid.

Does anyone know what that would be classed as?

When i've looked it says "must have a recognisable annual cycle" which it does. But also says i should be off for school holidays, but I'd only be off for the six week summer hols, and the six weeks prior to those.

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