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WeslhyB Mon 28-Aug-17 22:43:40

I am looking to buy a house next year so saving really hard, I signed up to a credit agency and it shows a default on my report from avon, it has been on their for the last 3 years.
Right to start of a lady approached me in town and i said could i have more information first before i sign up to anything so she asked me for my name and address and i thought that was the end of it..... well a couple of days later i man knocked my door with a box from avon. i thought it was just all the info i asked the lady to send to me, When i opened it their was a invoice for £86 and a load of sale able items which i had 3 weeks to sell to pay the balance. I got really scared and started selling them on ebay has i had come out of work at the time. On the invoice it gave me my number to sign in online but my family started to order from me so i could make my money back and then cancelled as it was putting me more and more into debt as i had to pay of orders that were wrong and pay for the new books. I feel sick to my stomach as they did not care at the time and was left with being out of pocket and did not have the money to pay back something that put me into debt in the first place which should never of happened. I ended up paying the remainder off at £5 per week to a debt collector they had sold to!! I can not get a mortgage with a default as i have to wait 3 more years which in all fairness i can not wait as i am not getting any younger. I have 2 children 1 of which i s disabled , i am married so joint mortgage. And all because of a stupid company that does not work with the law and mis lead me and lied to me has put a default on my credit file. Is there any way it can be taken off as this is making me ill.

MickeyLuv Tue 29-Aug-17 12:49:26

I doubt you will get it removed as it is correct, you did default on your payments.

What you should have done is sent the box back in the first place and explain that you didn't want it but hey, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

One small default shouldn't stop you getting a mortgage though if that is all that's wrong on your credit file, I would speak to a mortgage broker.

Farahilda Tue 29-Aug-17 12:58:31

It's going to be difficult to unpick this after 3 years. And although hindsight is a wonderful think (and it won't help you now) for the benefit of anyone else reading this who gets signed up for something when all they did was request information; don't sell it, return it with a very stiffly worded message. And sort it out at the time.

As you decided to sell it, the company will have treated you as a seller (their first action may have been wrong, but thereafter they seem to have acted correctly, and your acceptance of the goods and your starting payment means they would have no reason to think they had acted wrongly).

So yes, what they have put on your credit reference is correct, unless you can formally sort out the unsolicited goods of 3 years ago.

Have you paid off the entire amount now?

Is this the only non-payment on both you and DH's credit records? Have your tried approaching other mortgage lenders?

WeslhyB Tue 29-Aug-17 13:09:12

I was defaulted in Feb 2014 and paid full balance off in July 2014.

WeslhyB Tue 29-Aug-17 13:10:19

Sorry just on my credit file.

leojohnsmummy Tue 29-Aug-17 13:22:25

This is really annoying as the same thing happened to me, I was waiting for my info pack to arrive but instead I got sent loads of catalogues, order forms and a deadline to have my orders in.

I was freaking out as I wasn't even sure I wanted to do Avon, I later contacted the lady who I spoke to in the beginning and she said I will be billed for the bits she sent me even though I didn't ask nor wanted them.

they said they would help me make a few extra pounds, but instead they put me behind because I had to pay for something I never asked for. They really need to learn about what they are selling, because clearly they have no clue as to what they're meant to do.

specialsubject Tue 29-Aug-17 13:26:02

I'd guess they know EXACTLY what they are doing...

WeslhyB Tue 29-Aug-17 13:43:21

My credit report has only this negative on it, I have had loans, very account, and a Harvey account and never once missed a payment.

19lottie82 Tue 29-Aug-17 20:55:14

Not all lenders will reject you because of this, some will though.

Your best bet is most likely to speak to a mortgage broker as they should be able to help.

WeslhyB Tue 26-Sep-17 19:37:04

Hi, Just an update on my Avon default, I emailed Avon after your advice and had a email back this morning they are contacting credit agency to take default off. So I will soon have a clean credit report with no information. Thank you

WeslhyB Tue 26-Sep-17 19:40:34

No Bad info*

Mosaic123 Wed 27-Sep-17 13:33:43


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