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Direct Debit - HACHETE FILIPACHI - Is this Red magazine?

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MrsSpoon Wed 28-Mar-07 14:48:10

Seem to be having a financial clearout today. I have a Direct Debit marked up HACHETE FILIPACHI, I am almost certain this is Red magazine, does anyone recognise it?

bossykate Wed 28-Mar-07 14:49:54

yes i think so - look at this

raspberryberet Wed 28-Mar-07 14:50:41

Could be.

Here's a list of titles they publish

motherinferior Wed 28-Mar-07 14:51:10

Probably. HF does publish it.

MrsSpoon Wed 28-Mar-07 14:54:11

Brilliant! Thanks, I want to cancel it but wanted to be sure it wasn't Easy Living I was cancelling, Easy Living are not on the list so that's great, I must have paid them by cheque not DD.


Susiemac Sat 24-May-08 12:16:02

This morning I found that I, too, had a DD to Hachete Filipachi, and after a moment of panic, I went on this website and discovered that the DD is for my Psychologies magazine!

So, THANKS MUMSNET, for putting my mind at rest!! grin

Purpletart Tue 21-Oct-08 23:42:24

hello out there, Thanks from a Non Techno Babe... I also saw the DD to the strange sounding firm, and I now know thanks to you good ladies that it is my subscription to my Pysco mag... but as my mind is all sorted now, ... how do I Un subscribe? .. Keep it simple ladies, I do Simple very well !!! Besides my mind is all sorted now, and no longer need this publication to tell me I am a total nutter!! Any suggestions ? Thanks.

mumoverseas Wed 22-Oct-08 06:50:37

that reminded me, I signed up for a magazine subscription via them for my DD as she is now at boarding school. Paid the first DD 8 weeks ago and she still hasn't received one magazine! How do you cancel? Just via the bank?

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