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Can my partner claim half my house and money?

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cuddly61 Sat 08-Jul-17 00:27:27

Ok so I've been living with my partner for just over six years. When she moved in with me my house was council but we was both on benefits. But then in 2016 I inherited a big sum of money and brought my council house out partner was never on the tenancy just me.
So when I inherited our esa stopped and she kicked up saying how much money I had lost her through inheriting. F
We get careers allowance still and pip so she keeps her careers allowance for me at £62.50 a week and her pip goes to pay half the bills. But I have to buy her tobacco and all the food and anything else needed .including paying for our annual holiday.she insists I buy her tobacco and kind of blackmails me by saying if I don't she won't pay half the bills.she doesn't lift a finger to help around the house refuses to even wash a few pots up. So now I want to end the relationship. But I would like to know if she can make a claim on my house and inheritance.i don't think she would make a claim and she's always said she wouldn't but her evil sisters and mother will try and persuade her and she always does as they say.
I only just found out I could draw up a agreement with a solicitor so she could not make a claim forgot what it is called. So hoping to get one drawn up now and hopefully she will sign it. Then I can finish this relationship.if you can call it that. Please don't think I'm being hard and selfish but these last few years has really caused my mental health to get bad .i will just give one example,my elderly dad fell tonight gashed his head and was took to hospital,my mother who is blind asked me to go to the hospital,now my partner knows I can't drive in the dark as headlights dazzle my eyes too much .she was in bed when I went to tell her,she just ignored me and went back to sleep. That's what kind of person she is.

Huckleshmuckle Sat 08-Jul-17 00:30:47

If you're not married and don't have children together I'm pretty sure you have nothing to worry about.

Ikillallplants Sat 08-Jul-17 00:36:10

As long as she hasn't paid for any major improvements like extensions or kitchens etc you will be fine.

MooseBeTimeForSummer Sat 08-Jul-17 00:38:33

There is no recognition in law for a Common Law wife.

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