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Increase in salary - Child Tax Credits

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fairycakex Mon 03-Jul-17 20:57:49

Hello everyone,

I have been offered to go back full time in my current job smile I know that I am going to have to pay back the tax credits I have received from April (mainly towards little ones childcare). I am not going to start being paid a FT wage until September/October but I obviously want to let HMRC know ASAP. I know I will not be in receipt of them so they would not be able to lower the payments.

My question is. . will I have until April when they get my final salary before I pay them back or will I have to pay them back the month after?? I was hoping I would have time to save up to repay them but I have read they demand it 30 days after sad Many thank you's xx

ssd Mon 03-Jul-17 20:58:24

phone them up

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