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Fun topic..Canadian Pension live in UK

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Canadalife Sun 02-Jul-17 11:14:33

Really hope someone can guide me. I lived and worked in Canada over 20 years ago. I married an English man and have lived here ever since. In theory I can access my private Canadian pension now as I am over 55...but have no idea about the tax implications, rules ets, I expect I will need an international tax expert...but would really appreciate some basic or non so basic information to get started. I don't even really know what questions to ask.


Ellisandra Sun 02-Jul-17 19:49:35

No offence to my fellow MNers... the experience on here is vast! But this is quite specific and this board isn't the busiest one. Check out moneysavingexpert forum, pensions section. A bit more specialist!

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