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Tax credits maternity allowance mistake??

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Kk0405 Fri 30-Jun-17 06:20:46

Hi, last April when tax credits was due for renewal it had my income for year over £10000, but I was on maternity allowance for 39 weeks of that. According to tax credits I was over paid and had to pay back over £1100, which I did. But my friend told me that on hers this year, they didn't take of her non taxable maternity allowance which is £100 per week. I phoned tax credits and they didn't do that with mine last year, so my overall income should have been £3900 less than it was so shouldn't have had an overpayment. Has this happened to anyone else and would I get that overpayment back??

My money was also a lot less over last year aswell with the figure being a lot higher so received a lot less tax credits than I should have

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