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If you have a household income of £25k and 3dcs how much tax credits do you receive?

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Metalgoddess Sat 17-Jun-17 16:20:37

As the title says, can anyone tell me please? I have done calculators but don't trust them as I have had estimates from them which are not accurate at all?

SmellySphinx Wed 05-Jul-17 19:57:31

My P earns much less working ft around 15,500 ish per year. We have 3 children and I get 170 a week ctc, it was 170 something but keeps going down with every tax credit renewal...

He gets wtc of around 16pounds/week but that will be going down to 12 pounds.

Yours will be less of course with earning more. What quotes have you been getting?

Babyroobs Wed 05-Jul-17 22:01:04

Some calculators are inaccurate. I think the best ones are entitlted to and turn2us. Do you get help towards childcare?

Babyroobs Wed 05-Jul-17 22:06:36

I just did the Entitled to one and it came out at £116.44, but it may be different if your earnings were more or less last year or if you are paying back an overpayment.

LovelyBath77 Thu 06-Jul-17 09:57:33

It would depend on when the third child was born, as from recently tax credits only include two children in the calculation. Try the tax credits calculator online. HTH.

LovelyBath77 Thu 06-Jul-17 09:58:19

Here is the calculator. Some areas are UC for new claims though.

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