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Don't understand this P60

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flimflaminurjams Thu 15-Jun-17 23:03:07

How is the amount of tax I paid correct and tallies up with my payslips, but the amount for "Total for year" salary doesn't?

Am I missing the obvious?

Lokisglowstickofdestiny Thu 15-Jun-17 23:06:44

Do you salary sacrifice for a pension - that will reduce the P60 total for year I think as the contribution is taken from your gross pay and then tax is deducted on the amount left over.

flimflaminurjams Thu 15-Jun-17 23:15:21

No. I added up the pension contributions but the total doesn't match the difference in what payslips say I earned and P60. Its out by just under a month's wages...

Lokisglowstickofdestiny Thu 15-Jun-17 23:18:56

Well salary sacrifice would be the obvious one to me. I'm not sure in that case - I guess you need to speak to your payroll department.

flimflaminurjams Thu 15-Jun-17 23:21:50

I'll have a look at the pension terms, just in case.

nannynick Fri 16-Jun-17 06:23:50

P60 is 6th April to 5th April. Payslips may be monthly. In theory same total but may not be depending on the pay dates.

Have you been with same employer for last 18 months?

Childcare vouchers or any other salary sacrifice scheme?

ofudginghell Fri 16-Jun-17 06:27:34

Have the same too

Now it makes sense.
Thanks grin

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