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Is this right?

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strugglingfinancially Tue 13-Jun-17 12:17:52

Hello everyone

I'm on a pre-payment metre for my gas and electric. I have no debt or anything like that with them. Last week I topped up £20 for the week which lasted me until yesterday morning so I had to activate my emergency credit that morning I then went out and was out all days l didn't even use any electric apart from the obvious like fridge being plugged in etc. So then I went to the shop at 18:30 and topped up my key with £15 as I knew I only used a few pence of emergency credit so I would get most of it. I put it in metre it read £15 on key then deducted £4.13 for emergency credit. I'm so annoyed as I only got around £10 when I didn't even use all the emergency!!! I just have used around 6 hours of emergency on very little electricity usage. It think they are taking the piss. £4.13 for that??? I've used emergency credit in the past and it usually lasts at least 2 days until top up. I'm fuming because I'm struggling financially as it is and I won't be able to buy anymore till next week so i could be without electricity.

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