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child maintenance

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whatsmyname2017 Thu 08-Jun-17 22:04:29

So exP who just moved out has just informed me he 'can't afford' what the maintenance calculators are quoting and that he wants me to go through the CSA!!!
I have no experience of any of this and via Googling, CSA doesn't take new claims its now statutory child maintenance service.
Can anyone talk me through how this works and how long it will take? Do they write to him with an amount?

Molly333 Thu 08-Jun-17 22:10:25

I found them very helpful . I would defiantly give them a call . It's all actually quite clear x

whatsmyname2017 Thu 08-Jun-17 22:24:39

Thanks, will call them tomorrow! x

Molly333 Thu 08-Jun-17 22:42:41

To start you have to set up loads of passwords but it's not too bad and they then send you information. I actually found them better than the old CSA

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