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MN Matched Betting Society - all welcome!

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titchy Sun 04-Jun-17 15:09:00

New thread!

HeyRoly Sun 04-Jun-17 15:28:28

Thanks titchy. Marking my place!

FreckledLeopard Sun 04-Jun-17 15:31:21

Hello - newbie to matched betting here. So, have signed up for profit accumulator, Coral and Betfair. I've followed the tutorials and laid the initial bet and free bets. One question, though: on the Oddsmatcher on PA, do you need to filter by type of bet and only choose those which are to 'win' rather than draw or anything else? My understanding is that you're betting 'for' something (e.g. Ireland to win, a horse to win) on Coral or similar, and that you're betting against this outcome on Betfair. Therefore, do I discount anything that says 'match odds' under the 'Type of Bet' column and only choose those that say 'winner', so that I can effectively off-set this bet with a lay bet on Betfair?

Hope this makes sense - thank you in advance. Just spent three hours trying to get our heads around this all (but will hopefully have made £12.60 or so if I haven't screwed it up!)

ShinyGirl Sun 04-Jun-17 15:32:41

Titchy you're a star

GrimDamnFanjo Sun 04-Jun-17 15:32:51

Great! Just checking in. I'm averaging about £100 a week. I had a drop off this week so at around £70. I
I made a few mistakes like not backing a lay bizarrely, which is really odd, I can only think it was a bookie where I hid the confirm the bet.
I'll got a few sign ups which I'll probably do when the football season restarts, and I'll also start doing accas then too.
I want to start doing some more games between now and then but taking it slowly.

Choconuts Sun 04-Jun-17 15:35:14

Freckled you can bet on anything. The bet with the bookies is betting it will happen I.e the score will be 2-0 and then the exchange bet is betting it won't happen I.e the score will be anything other than 2-0. I hope that makes sense smile

GrimDamnFanjo Sun 04-Jun-17 15:35:18

Leopard you can bet on anything as long as you do the opposite on bet fair/Smarkets on your lay.
So you can bet a score will be 1-1 and then back against 1-1 as the other half of your match.

Aridane Sun 04-Jun-17 15:35:36

Can you post links to the previous threads? Thanks!

FreckledLeopard Sun 04-Jun-17 15:43:29

Still confused - what's the difference between "match odds" and "winner" on market type on PA's Oddsmatching?

imnottoofussed Sun 04-Jun-17 17:21:35

Just checking in, not been doing a lot really this last couple of weeks. Had some free bets from William hill yesterday and another one from betstars just keeping me ticking over. Need to look into the bet clubs and see what else I can be doing.

FiveHoursSleep Sun 04-Jun-17 18:00:52

I'm just joining virgingames for the free spins. Has anyone got a friend referral code for me?

HeyRoly Sun 04-Jun-17 18:13:29

I have one five but I'm not sure it's worth it. Gimme a sec...

HeyRoly Sun 04-Jun-17 18:15:57

You have to wager £40 to get the bonus, which you may not do if you're following the Oddsmonkey method. But PM me your email and I'll send you one anyway smile

louisejxxx Sun 04-Jun-17 18:37:59

Place marking smile very quiet week for me because we were away for a few days in half term, think I've only ended up making the measly sum of around £35.

SierraJensen Sun 04-Jun-17 18:41:43

grim I've done that too, I double check confirming the bet now!

I've got referrals for virgin games, jackpot joy, heart bingo, starspins if anyone wants one.

imnottoofussed Sun 04-Jun-17 18:46:02

Free scratch card on betfair arcade won £17 today grin

LemonadeWithACherry Sun 04-Jun-17 18:58:16

Hi! I'm a total novice, am just at the stage of reading up and watching tutorials. Getting the gist of it I think!

I only have about £100 to start with. How much can I realistically expect to make per month with this? I ideally want to make enough to take my family to a John Fowler park for a weekend in August.

I want to use a separate bank account so it's easier to keep track of my finances. I already have a Natwest saving account, but I can't get a debit card on it as it's a savings account. However I understand I could link it to a PayPal account? Would I be able to place all my bets just using PayPal, or do I need a debit card for some bookies?


SierraJensen Sun 04-Jun-17 19:03:44

A lot take paypal but some need a debit card and the exchanges need a debit card too. I use PayPal when I can to speed things up. You need to check too that the t&cs of welcome offers don't exclude PayPal as this caught me out with betfred.

LemonadeWithACherry Sun 04-Jun-17 19:29:40

Thank you Sierra, it sounds like I do need to open a current account then. Anyone know of any new customer deals (not switch)?

HeyRoly Sun 04-Jun-17 21:20:45

William Hill are giving away a £5 credit for Captain Cash slot - and if I've read it correctly, you can come back every day until Wednesday.

Lauren1983 Sun 04-Jun-17 22:39:38

HeyRoly, do you have any more details about that offer? Can't see anything on WH.

titchy Sun 04-Jun-17 22:42:33

It's on the scrolling offers bit of the home page - attached.

HeyRoly Sun 04-Jun-17 22:45:08

It was in William Hill Games, on the scrolling banner at the top of the screen. I can't even see it myself when I log in now.

ScoobyDoosTinklyLaugh Sun 04-Jun-17 22:53:02

Oooh glad I've seen this thread on actives I wanted to get into this again!

I didn't open another account when I dabbled last time and this time I'd like to - can anyone recommend one thats very straightforward to open?

Lauren1983 Sun 04-Jun-17 23:18:35

Thanks titchy and heyroly. I went straight to games and not the home page - doh!

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