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Car Insurance problem - online change help please

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Zandra123 Sun 28-May-17 02:16:38

Hoping someone knows about insurance matters please. My daughter got a new car in March and updated the insurance details via the app as was advised to do when she rang up. She paid the extra premium and got an email saying thanks for your update.
Tonight she was stopped by police saying she's no insurance, when she's looked it still had her old car on there, it's all very strange and scary as they threatening 6 points and £300 fine!
I do think I prefer the old paper methods, these apps are scary if this can happen. Hoping she can ring them and sort it, but any advice if what to say would be appreciated, or if anyone has known if this sort of thing happening, she's only 25 and it's going to be a disaster for her.

Flowerbunty Sun 28-May-17 02:44:42

Surely the email response from insurance company would prove to the police that she did what she needed to do and the failings are on the company?

kath6144 Sun 28-May-17 08:36:27

For future ref, she needs to check the change has been made online prior to getting/driving the car. Shouldn't be necessary I know, but blips do happen in systems.

I got a new car last week, got a weeks driveaway insurance from dealer, so changed my own online for midnight Thursday. Although I could immediately see and print the docs showing new car would be covered from Friday, I still logged on first thing Friday morning and made sure that the new car was active before driving it.

As pp said, the email from her insurance company should be good enough for police? Also maybe proof of payment going out of bank (has that been stopped for any reason?). Mine was only a few pounds but I still checked it left my account.

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